Best Hotels In Seoul Myeongdong Area: Shopping, Street Food, And Nightlife

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, South Korea, then the Myeongdong Area is the perfect place to stay. Not only is it a popular shopping destination, but it also offers a wide variety of street food and exciting nightlife. To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in the Myeongdong Area.

Tourism Information

Information Description
Address Myeongdong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Location In the heart of downtown Seoul, close to shopping, dining, and nightlife
Category Luxury hotels, mid-range hotels, budget hotels, hostels
Price Varies depending on the hotel and room type, ranging from $50 to $500 per night
Attractiveness Shopping, street food, nightlife, cultural attractions
Road access Accessible by subway and bus
Short History The Myeongdong Area has been a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike since the 1970s. In recent years, it has also become known for its street food and nightlife.

Reasons Why We Should Visit

  • Shopping: Myeongdong is home to a wide variety of shops, from luxury brands to local boutiques.
  • Street food: Sample traditional Korean snacks like tteokbokki and hotteok from the numerous food stalls in the area.
  • Nightlife: From bars and clubs to karaoke rooms, Myeongdong offers plenty of options for a night out on the town.
  • Cultural attractions: Visit historic sites like the Myeongdong Cathedral and the Namsangol Hanok Village.

Tourism History

The Myeongdong Area has a rich history dating back to the Joseon Dynasty, when it was a center of commerce and trade. In the 20th century, it became a popular shopping destination for locals, and in recent years, it has also attracted tourists from around the world for its street food and nightlife.

One of the area’s most famous landmarks is the Myeongdong Cathedral, which was built in 1898 and is the birthplace of the Korean Catholic Church. The Namsangol Hanok Village is another popular attraction, featuring traditional Korean houses and gardens.

Today, Myeongdong continues to be a vibrant and bustling area, with something to offer every traveler.


  • The Myeongdong Area is home to over 1,000 shops and restaurants.
  • The most popular street food in Myeongdong is tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake dish.
  • Myeongdong is located in the Jung-gu district of Seoul.
  • The area is served by the Myeongdong Station on Seoul Subway Line 4.
  • The Lotte Department Store, one of the largest shopping centers in Korea, is located in Myeongdong.


  • What is the best time to visit Myeongdong?
  • The best time to visit is during the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and comfortable.
  • Are there any budget hotels in Myeongdong?
  • Yes, there are several budget hotels and hostels in the area.
  • Is Myeongdong safe for tourists?
  • Yes, Myeongdong is a safe area for tourists, with low crime rates and plenty of police presence.
  • Is English spoken in Myeongdong?
  • Yes, many shopkeepers and restaurant staff in Myeongdong speak English.
  • Can I use my credit card in Myeongdong?
  • Yes, most shops and restaurants in Myeongdong accept credit cards.


Myeongdong is a vibrant and exciting area with plenty to offer travelers. Whether you’re looking for shopping, street food, nightlife, or cultural attractions, you’ll find it all here. Plus, with a wide range of hotels and accommodations to choose from, there’s something for every budget and travel style.


Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your trip to Myeongdong:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking.
  • Try as many different types of street food as you can.
  • Visit the Namsangol Hanok Village for a glimpse of traditional Korean culture.
  • If you’re traveling on a budget, consider staying in a hostel or guesthouse.
  • Take advantage of the Myeongdong Station to explore other parts of Seoul.


Overall, the Myeongdong Area is a must-visit destination for any traveler to Seoul. With its shopping, street food, nightlife, and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone here. Plus, with a wide range of hotels and accommodations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay.

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