Best Hotels In Sendai, Japan: Nature, Culture, And Vibrant Festivals

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, make sure to include Sendai in your itinerary. This city is a perfect blend of nature, culture, and vibrant festivals. To fully enjoy the beauty of Sendai, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in the city that will provide you with comfort and convenience during your stay.

Tourism Information

Information Description
Address 1-7-1 Kokubuncho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0803 Japan
Location Located in the heart of Sendai’s entertainment district, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and bars.
Category 4-star hotel
Price Starting from $100 per night
Attractiveness Close proximity to attractions such as Sendai Castle, Zuihoden Mausoleum, and Matsushima Bay
Road access 10-minute walk from Sendai Station
Short history The hotel was built in 2012 and has since become a popular choice among tourists visiting Sendai.

Reasons Why We Should Visit

  • Experience the beauty of Sendai’s nature by visiting places such as Matsushima Bay and Akiu Onsen hot springs
  • Learn about Sendai’s rich culture by visiting historical sites such as Sendai Castle and Zuihoden Mausoleum
  • Join in on the excitement of Sendai’s vibrant festivals such as Tanabata Festival and Sendai Pageant of Starlight
  • Indulge in Sendai’s delicious cuisine, including beef tongue, seafood, and sake
  • Shop till you drop at Sendai’s many shopping districts, including Ichibancho Arcade and Sendai PARCO

Tourism History

Sendai was founded in 1600 by Date Masamune, a powerful feudal lord. During his reign, he encouraged the development of culture and the arts in the city, which can still be seen today in the various historical sites and museums. Sendai also played a significant role in the Meiji Restoration, which was a turning point in Japan’s history. Many of the city’s attractions are related to its rich history and culture.

The city was heavily affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, but has since made a remarkable recovery. Sendai is now a thriving city with a vibrant tourism industry.


  • The city of Sendai has a population of over one million people.
  • The Sendai Pageant of Starlight is a popular festival where the city is lit up with thousands of LED lights.
  • The Sendai Tanabata Festival is one of the largest festivals in Japan, attracting over two million visitors each year.
  • The city is known for its beef tongue dish, which is a must-try for foodies.
  • The Sendai Mediatheque is a unique building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Toyo Ito.


  • What is the best time to visit Sendai?
  • The best time to visit Sendai is in the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November), when the weather is mild and the foliage is beautiful.
  • Is Sendai safe for tourists?
  • Yes, Sendai is considered a safe city for tourists. However, it’s always important to take the usual precautions and be aware of your surroundings.
  • What is the currency used in Sendai?
  • The currency used in Sendai, as well as the rest of Japan, is the Japanese yen.
  • Is English widely spoken in Sendai?
  • While English is not as widely spoken in Sendai as it is in larger cities like Tokyo, many people in the tourism industry can speak enough English to communicate with tourists.
  • What is the best way to get around Sendai?
  • The best way to get around Sendai is by public transportation, including buses and trains. Taxis are also available but can be expensive.


Sendai is a great destination for those who want to experience the beauty of Japan’s nature, culture, and festivals. The city offers a wide range of attractions and activities, from historical sites to outdoor adventures. The hotels in Sendai are also top-notch, providing tourists with comfort and convenience during their stay.


When visiting Sendai, make sure to bring comfortable shoes as many of the attractions require walking. Also, be sure to try the local cuisine, including beef tongue and seafood. It’s also a good idea to research the festivals that are happening during your visit so you can plan accordingly.


Sendai is a must-visit destination for those who want to experience the beauty of Japan’s nature, culture, and festivals. With its rich history and vibrant tourism industry, Sendai offers something for everyone. The hotels in the city provide tourists with comfort and convenience during their stay, making it the perfect place to stay while exploring all that Sendai has to offer.

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